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Default Mlucas v20.1.1 (latest) available

This is a patch-release of v20.1, containing a small bugfix (the bug only manifests for users doing PRP tests and who have set CheckInterval = 1000, the minimal allowable value, in their mlucas.ini file, overriding the default value) and a bit of smaller-issue cleanup. As always, details and download info at the README page.

Those of you using tdulcet's install script will want to grab the latest version, but check the SUM-field value and if it differs from the one (888c95d3289d3b49a7c9cdba8aeab9b9) for the current-download of v20.1.1, manually change it to the md5 checksum listed for the latter at the README. I forwarded a tarball with the above md5 to him last night, but still needed to finish updating the above readme-page HTML source, and his uploads of updates are dependent on mine of going live first.

As always, post bug reports, usage comments and whatnot here, and thanks for the builds and compute cycles!

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