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Originally Posted by retina View Post
And I suspect the pseudo-psychology analysis that followed is not too dissimilar to the standard horoscope fare of everything matches everyone to some degree, so it gives no useful value.

People have many dimensions, you can't simply put them into a box and label it with a limited set of attributes.
"Pseudo-psychology analysis" is right!

The OP is basing this correlation between an avatar and the "psychological characteristics of its owner" on - what? Posts to a blog?

IMO more revelatory of the user's psychology is the blog or forum they post to, and whether they are generally accepted as contributing to them, or merely tolerated as cranks or harmless eccentrics.

For example, folks recognized as contributing to this Forum might generally be viewed as more rational and analytical than most folks. Those contributing heavily to conspiracist blogs or forums, perhaps not so much.

As has already been pointed out, users of this Forum don't always choose their own avatars, and some change theirs.

One of the Administrators of this Forum has a noticeably variable avatar. Is the OP claiming that this Administrator is psychologically unstable?
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