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Thank you very much dave_0273.
It certainly did not confuse, it was very helpful.


"If no factor is found, the asterisk disappears, and the assignment remains on the list until the 64-bit Lucas-Lehmer residue is returned. When the residue is returned, the completed exponent is moved to the Cleared Exponents report"
So, is the number being tested for being prime or not? What is the "64-bit Lucas-Lehmer residue"? Would we know whether or not the number was prime after 7 days? When do we come to know whether or not the number is prime?

Now, regarding
"This is the number of hours of work in a day that a 90Mhz computer would do. It gives an average of how many hours work you do measured in how long it would take a 90Mhz computer to do the same amount of work."

I have one P4 2.5G and one P3 800MHz system. The faster system is my office PC that stays on 24 hours a day.
With that logic, shouldn't the hours per day value be some 10 or 20 times (atleast) the multiple of 24?
After all, how much can my home system degrade the overall performance. Still, my rating shows 1.46.
Any explanation for this?

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