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OK, let me have a go at trying to answer this...(moderators, if i am wrong can you please correct me)

The P90 CPU hrs/day value seems to be decreasing every day. What is this?
This is the number of hours of work in a day that a 90Mhz computer would do. It gives an average of how many hours work you do measured in how long it would take a 90Mhz computer to do the same amount of work.

prime exponent:- this is the exponent that you are testing.

therefore the mersenne number that you are testing will be 2^(prime exponent)-1

fact bits - shows how far the number has been factored to without finding a factor

for example, if it was 68, all factors up to 2^68 have been tried but none of them are a factor

current iteration - shows what iteration you are up to. when the number of iterations equal the prime exponent, the LL test is complete and you will know if the number that you were testing is prime or not (hopefully it is)

days run - how long it has been running for

davs to go - approximately how long until the test completes

exp - how long before the exponent expires and is assigned to someone else. however, don't worry if days to go is higher than exp. every time that you update the server, the days before expiry are set back to 60 again. so just make sure that your computer is connected to the internet at least once every 2 months so that it can set the expiry back to 60 again.

date updated - the last time your client conected to the server

date assigned - the date that you checked out the exponent from the server.

computer id - the name that you gave your computer (only really important if you are part of a team

Mhz - the speed of your computer in Mhz

Ver - what version of the client you are using

One of my prime exponent doesn't have a *, has been running for 7 days and there are 6 days to go. What does it mean?
Lucas-Lehmer assignments usually start with an asterisk (*) to the right of the exponent, indicating Prime95 will try to factor the Mersenne number. If a factor is found, the exponent goes directly to the Cleared Exponents report. If no factor is found, the asterisk disappears, and the assignment remains on the list until the 64-bit Lucas-Lehmer residue is returned. When the residue is returned, the completed exponent is moved to the Cleared Exponents report

Therefore, for you first computer, it has started the LL test, it has been running for 6 days, and it still has about another 7 days of crunching to go.

For the second computer, it is still trying to factor the number, then it will start the LL test

I hope that this has answered your questions. Hopefully I haven't confused you any more.
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