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Default Consistent Error. Potential Bug?

CPU – Ryzen 5 3600x
Cooler – Noctua U9S push+pull
Motherboard – MSI B450i Gaming Plus AC (latest beta bios, issue occur on both latest non-beta and beta bios. Contacting AMD they told me to update to beta...)
Ram – Corsair 32GB 3200 C16 (CMK32GX4M2B3200C16)
PSU – Corsair SF600 Platinum
GFX – Gigabyte 1080 Turbo OC


I started observing BSOD and random reboot overnight sometime. (not heavy load, usually just downloading and/or automated stuff)


This led me down the rabbit hole to diagnose the issue to see if I have a hardware problem.

I defaulted everything in BIOS and started running a suite of tests.
AIDA64 looks solid for ~1hr
OCCT free 1hr CPU/RAM/PSU all passes
Memtest all passes
Linpack Xtreme 10GB setting ~1hr all pass

However, I can consistently reproduce a failure using Prime95 on Worker 3 or 4 (Core 2 for my Ryzen 3600x), and it either fails on immediate test startup, or 1hr ~40min into the test on FFT Length 896K. (This is using Blend stress test)

I dug around stress.txt and it mentioned that repeatable test might be a bug related to Prime95?
I'm running v30.3 build 6.

The annoying thing is, I sent my CPU/RAM/Mobo initially to retailer to have it checked out, and they couldn't reproduce the issue (I'm uncertain what version of Prime95 they tried or whether they had all the same default settings I had...)

I've ordered a new PSU and going to try that out, though I'm doubtful that's the issue as the PSU runs fine with an older Intel/DDR3 system I have.
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