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It sure is. But it isn't really for free, right? Extra power usage. Extra wear and tear. Extra possibility of early failure. More retries when bad data is returned. etc.

There is always a trade-off. You just have to pick the trade-off point you are comfortable with.
barring an undervolt + overclock, sure. hence my asking about safe voltages for b die since my trade-off point is longevity, and id prefer my stuff to not degrade significantly within a year or so. i'd figure theres still a good bit of headroom on many components to use the same or less power for the same or more performance, while being as stable as any other system. though i'd also figure that that's the ideal point at which a product is released to consumers, hence, for example, the new ampere cards having extremely low overclocking headroom (though this time they may have even overshot their auto-boost with all the crashing issues and such).
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