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Default A Guide for Python

This thread is intended to be a guide to program in Python, starting (hopefully) from the beginning. It is intended for those using the Colab/Kaggle interface, but it can be useful for those using a standalone Python interpreter.
There is a separate thread for comments ( Post comments on this guide in that thread.

Table of contents:
1. Table of contents (this post)
2. Motivation for this guide
3. How to get/use Python
4. Basic syntax
5. Comment lines
6. Some basic constructs: strings, integers, floats, complexes, bools
7. The "print" command and your first program
8. String concatenation and the "input" command
9. The "format" command
10. If/else, part 1: the if statement and the else statement
11. If/else, part 2: the elif statement
12. Functions
13. A slight digression: modules
14. For loops, part 1: introduction to for loops
15. For loops, part 2: break and continue
16. While loops
17. Putting all the loops together
18. More on strings - indexing, repeating, slicing
19. Miscellaneous string operations
20. Introduction to lists
21. Operations on lists - indexing, slicing, concatentation, etc.
22. The math module
23. The cmath module
24. etc tbd

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