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Default Mlucas-specific reference thread

This thread is intended to hold only reference material specifically for Mlucas
(Suggestions are welcome. Discussion posts in this thread are not encouraged. Please use the reference material discussion thread Off-topic posts may be moved or removed, to keep the reference threads clean, tidy, and useful.)

Download and setup information for mlucas is located at

Table of contents
  1. This post
  2. Save file format as described by ewmayer
  3. Mlucas v17.1 -h help output
  4. Mlucas install script for Linux
  5. Mlucas builds for Linux (or for running on WSL on Windows)
  6. Mlucas builds for Windows
  7. V17.0 apparently normal run
  8. What it may look like when something is not working correctly
  9. Mlucas v19.0 -h help output
  10. Mlucas v19.1 -h help output
  11. Mlucas V20.0 -h help output
  12. Tuning Mlucas V20
  13. Mlucas V20.1 timings on various hardware and environments, & prime95 compared
  14. Mlucas releases
  15. Wish list
  16. Bug list
  17. V20.1 P-1 run time scaling
  18. Max exponent versus fft length
  19. tbd etc

Top of reference tree:

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