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"When consultants and engineers told Tepco that the plant would be unsafe, the managers overruled them. They’re in business to make money for their stockholders. Milton Friedman said that the obligation of corporate managers is to make money for the stockholders, not society. So for them, Fukushima was a success. They made money all these years without having to spend the extra money it would have cost to build a plant and its backup generators safely."

Apply that to the debate about DU ammunition. US/UK military loves it - the rest of the world hates it.
When the Thiokol engineers said not to launch Challenger at such a low ambient, they were overruled. I have always thought that this was because Saint Ronnie was making a speech that evening, and he had already memorized the lines and the blocking. These might have included pointing at the ceiling and blathering about "A Teacher in Space." Various higher-ups were desperate to please the Gipper, or at least Nancy, and his minders. They didn't want to confuse him at the last moment. Fortunately, he was well experienced at "funeral orgies" (as Mark Twain had a scalawag in Huckleberry Finn declaim.) There was no problem with him eulogizing said teacher when she got pulverized.

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