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Thanks to all of you for these suggestions. I'll be trying them out soon.

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Originally Posted by NBtarheel_33 View Post
< snip > No weird toolbars installed, < snip >
Speaking of toolbars:

I just had another low-memory warning and low disk space warnings, and found that the main culprits were two toolbar__log.txt files (16.8 GB and 1.8 GB). A web search found that this is written by AVG Free edition, where some bug causes a runaway under certain conditions. Some folks claimed that a reboot cured the problem, while one said that in addition it was necessary to mark the revived toolbar__log.txt files as read-only.

(I had earlier disabled the AVG Security Toolbar add-ons in my Firefox browser, based on other recommendations.)

After a reboot, I found that one toolbar__log.txt file was rapidly lengthening, so I made all the ones I could find read-only. We'll see what happens now.
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