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Hi there,
I'd like to contribute to trial factoring > 1,000,000,000. However, I wasn't succesful in installing mfaktc or mfakto on my computer.
I got some assignments from and inserted them in the worktodo.txt of Prime95.
I got the following error message: "PrimeNet error 40: No assignment" because PrimeNet accepts only smaller numbers.
How can I upload the results now?
I found a solution.
I copy the assignments from into the worktodo.txt of Prime95 and run them on Prime95.
Then I take the results from results.txt and bring them into a format that can be read at

"UID: martinwilke1980, M1250011439 no factor from 2^64 to 2^65, We4: DD667E59"
is reformatted to "no factor for M1250011439 from 2^64 to 2^65 [mfaktc 0.21 ]"

"UID: martinwilke1980, M1250011927 has a factor: 40071650026507719343 (TF:64-66)"
is reformatted to "M1250011927 has a factor: 40071650026507719343"

I made a spreadsheat that parses the input text and that creates the output text.

I copy the output text into a texteditor, save it as a txt file and then upload it.
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