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The board is Asus P5Q Pro Turbo. I did request for a replacement board from the retailer. It arrived yesterday. I replaced the MB and did the following:

1) Started with one RAM module in A1, passed couple of torture tests
2) Added second RAM module to B1, passed couple of torture tests
3) Filled the remaining A2 and B2 with modules, passed 10 hours of torture tests.

Bottom line, it was something on the MB that was malfunctioning. By the way, I did have 4 modules of 1Gb, 667 Mhz modules from my old computer that I first tried out on the Asus Pro. There was no problem when i used 667 Mhz modules. So, I am concluding that something on the MB was not able to handle 1066 Mhz data transfer rate.
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