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Originally Posted by xilman
Next in line is yet to be decided, but doing the 153-digit cofactor of 2^760+1 by GNFS has some attraction.
OK. It would be fun to see a NFSNET GNFS again, I think.

Here's the polynomials a quick run with Kleinjungs tools turned up:

skew: 1496831.27
norm: 4.08e+021
c5: 1860300
c4: -22190654371344
c3: -8418423029876628259
c2: 41938613797493867472132508
c1: 9910997260157184158283808947544
c0: -10607495285858568709187938891462034824
alpha: -6.86
Y1: 508011226531636067
Y0: -155820412163502072585879250581
Murphy_E 3.22e-012
M: 6467723141847565045770368595275819653284432337188636474118541913625083684674764941908019832620889202048853768204112271553122703814378535845220148970745
I used parameters I have extrapolated from the values TK gives in his examples: p=7, n=4.3e21, N=1.07e19 and e=2.25e-12


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