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Originally Posted by R.D. Silverman

What's next after 11,212+? May I suggest 7,253- and 11,217-? (both easy)
7,253- has been among the first 5 holes in any table for the longest period
of time. It first appeared as a 5th hole back in July '98.

For a more ambitious project 2,719+ and 2,736+ would be nice. Along with
my doing 2,737+ and 2,749+ it would finish all base 2 numbers to 750 bits.
The simple answer is that we haven't decided yet. We try not to reserve stuff too far in advance and the current project still has a few weeks to run.

I thought Jens Franke was going to do 7,253- but perhaps I misremembered. Sam is well overdue his normal schedule for reminding us who is doing what, so perhaps we should ask him for an update.

We don't want to do anything too easy or sieving takes too little time and administrative costs outweigh computational cost.

Perhaps a more significant benchmark would be to clear the base 2 tables to 768 bits.

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