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[QUOTE=LaurV;376286]What's wrong with 33 Nb5 Be5 ???[/QUOTE]When I analyzed it before my last post, I found that in every case we lose our rook for a knight or bishop, and material is back to even. That's why I said it was busted.

So now I looked again.

[B]33 Nb5 [/B][B]Be5[/B] Black now attacks both our rook and N/e6.
If [B]34 Rb6[/B] to try to save both, then Black plays [B]34 ... Nc4[/B].
At this point, our rook is threatened with capture on any square it can move to.
However, [I]I didn't see some possibilities before.[/I]

If [B]35 Nc5+[/B] Black must move his king now instead of taking our rook.
If [B]35 ... Kd8 36 Nb7+ Kd7 37 Ra6[/B] our rook is temporarily safe but our N/b7 is pinned.
If [B]35 ... Ke8 36 Nd6+ Bxd6 37 Rb3 or Rb1 Bxc5+ 38 Kf1[/B] and now we're down a bishop and [I]two[/I] knights for a rook.

Neither of those end positions is as good as we can get with 33 Nxc8.

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