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I went back to the Xeon where I saw the same problem originally. Left it running for some hours on a different task before doing a 10b run, and got what looks like a clean time. It also near enough matched one of the runs from my previous session so I didn't get any improvement.


7. 5min 24sec 197ms Mysticial 3604 MHz Intel Core i9 7940X AIO
8. 5min 50sec 295ms mackerel 3700 MHz Intel Core i9 7920X Air

I'm just under thermal throttling at this setting. A couple of cores get much hotter than others and it looks like they drop down a bit in clock when it hits 109C. I didn't want to run in that state for any amount of time, so didn't leave it to continue at higher settings. Would y-cruncher be let's say significantly sub-optimal if some cores were different speeds?

At some point I'll get chilled water on it, and haven't decided if I should do a delid yet.

I've also wondered if there exists software (preferably under Windows) that can work out core to core latency, as well as core to ram on a particular IMC. Individual cores, not aggregate results. I'm thinking that could be used to deduce the logical, and therefore physical topology of the CPU and it would be interesting to see if the hot cores are because they're surrounded by other hot cores, or if they're indicative of uneven thermal interface. I think I saw software for linux that measured core to core latency but forget its name.
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