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Originally Posted by jvang View Post
Sometimes, but it’s good to have an idea of what you want to do before starting in case your college starts you on courses specific to your degree.
For freshman year, just choosing STEM is enough; you'll take calculus/physics/chemistry/English for most any STEM major during your frosh year.

Once those courses are complete, you'll be expected to choose engineering or science; though many schools admit students to the Engineering school or the science-major school from the outset, you can switch from one side to the other without too much trouble during your first year or two. If a school restricts enrolled students from changing into Engineering majors, that's a reason to apply into Engineering; it's not unusual for switching out of Engineering to be easier than switching in.

In highly-related fields, you can change your mind during your 3rd year; I switched from Physics to Math at the end of my 3rd year at a public university (University of California).
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