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You are correct on the reduced latency when you run 333MHz memory speed on a 266MHz FSB. This is bloody obvious :) Anyway, however, this still isnt the optimal way to run memory at 333 since now the FSB and RAM is now in Asynchorus mode therefore 'some' latency is actually added to 'make up' for the difference in speed. However, after adding such asynchous latency, it is still slightly lower compared to 266FSB:266RAM. Plus you have 266MHz FSB bottleneck, that is why KT333 never actually blew away the performance of KT266A chipsets.

For BEST performance, it is best if you unlock the CPU and run BOTH the FSB and RAM at 333. This way you get around 5-10% of extra performance AT THE SAME CPU MHz because now the latency is greatly reduced, no async latency needed to be added, as well as the FSB itself having alot more bandwidth.
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