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There have been three times earlier in this game when a move you promoted was initially not my favorite, but after looking into it thoroughly I became convinced it was best. So I take your preferences very seriously. Now, I hope to convince you that my recommendation for 22 Rxf6 will be best, if Black does what we expect on moves 20 and 21. Also, it may have shock value when we spring Rxf6 on Black then.[/QUOTE]
Too long to read, I am at job (lunch break, but still in hurry).
I will have to analyze everything you wrote in the last posts when I get home tonight. This because I also take your preferences very seriously here. No joke, I consider you the best player in our team (including myself, sorry WMH :P). For example, the Nd1 move was "your" move, which I hated :P, but it proved to be an excellent defensive move, over the game. I am more like the aggressive guy (only in chess :P) and I am sometime losing because I first think about how to cut the other guy's throat, and only at the end (or after the game, hehe) how to defend my own head.

So, give me some time to think about. I am sure they will reply with the castling, there is actually nothing better they can do now. I remember from the former analysis that they may lose heavily on other moves.

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