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[QUOTE=cheesehead;366488]After [B]20 Nd4 O-O 21 Nf6+ Bxf6[/B] there is an alternative to 22 exf6:
[B]22 Rxf6[/B][/QUOTE]
That would be wrong, we lose the sente. We have to find a move to force out of them a reply. The point is they don't "have to" move the horse if we beat there with the rook. They may find another move that complicates the things. Move the h pawn to h5, or defend it with the king (Kg7, Kh7). He is also free to pursuit the queen's flank, the b/c columns, etc, the situation gets ugly. Rf8c8 is a version I didn't like too much for the case we beat with the pawn, but now this can get bad for us, if they sacrifice the pawn. Like in 22.Rxf6, Rf8c8 23.Bxh6 Nf5, 24 Bd2 (otherwise the d4 pawn is in danger, due to ...bxc3, ...Rb3), they succeed to infiltrate the horses there, and one of our rook is locked, we completely lost the sente. We still can play, the game is far away to be lost, but I don't like it.

After spending few hours this afternoon with the position, I am still thinking/agreeing that the best move is Ne4, the best path to reply for black will be with the castling, then the game goes like: 20. Ne4 O-O 21.Nf6+ Bxf6 22. exf6 Nd5 23.Bxh6 and that is our pawn.
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