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Just a reminder to any new people coming for the rally: if you want to be part of a team here at NPLB, please remember to post in this thread specifying your preference.

The policy is that if you change teams, your old points stay with your old team; our database associates each username with one and only one team, so we actually have to move your old points to another username on the old team, which effectively resets your personal points to 0 as well (so that only new points go on the new team). The only exception to this is if you're going from team "-" (no team) to a real team; then all your old points will come along with you. (We don't actually have a written policy to this effect, but that's how it's been handled in the past.) Still, if you know from the get-go which team you want to be on, please let us know as soon as possible to minimize fluctation in the rally stats.

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