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Default p95 v2.34 not writing save files during P-1 stage 2

I am using p95 v23.4 on a P4 1.6GHz running windows NT.
In my workdodo.ini is
In my prime.ini is
Stage 1 was done using mprime v22.12 on a 120MHz pentuim
running Linux.

p95 is reading the file OK and reports stage 2 progress to the
console, but no save file is written after 10 minutes, and if I
log off while p95 is running then no save file is written either.

If I select File->Stop then File->Exit from the console window
then the save file does get written.

If I do stage 1 with p95 the save file does get written every 10
minutes during stage 1 (I haven't tested to see if it stops being
written once stage 2 starts yet).

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