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Default Newb help (it crashes)

Hi, I'm running Xandros 3.0 (which runs on some version of Debian), and I downloaded the debian package. It did the factoring correctly, then it says (I had to restart it to get the output because I had it in a startup script and I'm not sure where the output for that went):

Mersenne number primality test program version 23.9
Starting P-1 factoring on M34338919 with B1=405000, B2=8505000
Chance of finding a factor is an estimated 5.29%
M34338919 stage 1 complete. 14902 transforms. Time: 757.632 sec.
Starting stage 1 GCD - please be patient.
Stage 1 GCD complete. Time: 267.931 sec.
Segmentation fault

Any ideas? I tried sprime also, still a seg fault. I can give more info, just let me know what you need to solve this. Thank you!
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