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Default Script-based Primenet assignment management

I am considering adding such functionality to my next Mlucas release - auto-comms functionality like that built into the main client is not an option for me because it involves 'secret sauce' code, i.e. violates open-source-ness. I also greatly value build and maintenance simplicity, hence the appeal of a simple cronscript-type solution.

Would appreciate any advice re. the best way to go here - perusing the non-main-client areas of the forum I see stuff about Misfit and at least one other user-written script (need to dig out the thread for that from my saved-link archives). For the near future, we can restrict assignment types here to LL (either 1st-time or DC), and consider only Linux and OS X by way of operating systems (any Windows support will be via a Linux emulation environment like mingw64).

I envision a script which reads the user's primenet credentials from a local file and uses those to exchange data (read from the results.txt file and - for interim-progress updates - the worktodo and exponent-specific status files) with the manual tests forms, but first I want to look at how misfit (and that other 3rd-party script I mentioned, if I can find the thread about that) do things. For a first crack at this for Mlucas doing it via script completely external to the LL client seems best to me.

Thanks for any tips!

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