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Default Stage 1 with mprime/prime95, stage 2 with GMP-ECM

There seems to be a lot of encouragement from people here to run stage one ECM with mprime/prime95, and stage two with GMP-ECM. From what I have read, a lot of work has gone into merging these two great programs, but this has all been 'beta', and due to issues / heartbreak etc. it will likely stay that way for some time.

In the meantime, the question is how exactly to go about running stage one and stage two separately. In this thread:
it is implied that copying a line from the mprime results.txt to some gmp-ecm input is sufficient. I find this strange, since the only line in my resu0000.txt file is (minus the date):
"2^1048576+1 completed 1 ECM curves, B1=1000000, B2=100000000"

To make this post more readable, I'll summarize the relevant questions here:

(1) what steps are necessary to instruct mprime/prime95 to perform only stage one, and save the results (to a gmp-ecm readable file).

(2) will doing a:
ecm -resume file B2
be sufficient to cause GMP-ECM to perform stage-2 (only) to the limit B2?
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