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Default Building on Linux?

Hi --
I'm running mprime on a Linux system. I'm thinking about writing a Gnome and/or KDE taskbar widget to show the progress of the computations, much in the way that the Prime95 icon is kept on the taskbar of Windows systems (but keep in mind that "planning" and "doing" are often two different things..)

Two questions come up. The first is simple: where's the current source? The code available at is the 22.7 version, not 22.10. The changes, I'm sure, are minor -- otherwise we'd be talking about 23.0 -- but I'd still rather start from the "right" version.

The second is 'how do I go about building this'? I went to the linux subdirectory and added a VPATH directive to the makefile to get it to work in that directory but don't know how I'd go about doing a "full build". Is there an assumption about environment variables, command line arguments or ordering between the directories that I should know about?

TIA. -- Frank
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