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Ok I tried it myself. First don't take the first 5 minutes after starting the system. There I have more delays than later. Secondly Windows 7 (as Vista) has some special features for the Program Files folders (transparent directory redirect, ...) so I imagine if you write in a folder (what a program in there shouldn't do anyway) windows has more protection (and so more delay). The obvious solution is to move the Prime95 folder to another place (for instance your profile (c:\users\$yourname\blabla). I have moved it to c:\Prime95 ... I haven't found a major perfomance difference between the Program Files folder and another folder but I also haven't made any longterm test (there could be a difference). Also keep in mind that any process running in the background (firewall, antivirus, STEAM, Skype, ...) is stealing processor cycles and you probably don't see it in the Task Manager (because it's only in bursts). Additionally the 3D-accelerated Desktop (Aero) is stealing processor cycles (compared to WinXP (I`ve disabled it) and also the system recovery isn't needed in any case. The 64-Bit version should be faster anyway - I suggest you stick with the 64-Bit version and move the directory to a place where windows doesn't use 'extra protection measures' ... PS: For some reason I can't format my posting ...

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