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Originally Posted by axn View Post
I believe 30.4 was the first improvement.

IIUC, the more RAM you allocate (or more to the point, the more temps it can allocate), the greater the speed up ratio. So the 2x-6x seen in George's 6.5GB allocation will be bested by your 20GB (assuming all of that goes to a single worker). I have currently 57 GB allocated which is split 6 way (so 9.5 GB per worker). With 30.8, I will have to drastically change the workflow to give one worker all 57 GB. I might have to also look at putting another 32 GB I have lying around into the machine as well -- interesting times ahead.
30.4 is probably correct...I knew it 30.x.

George can chime in but I would think 9.5G per worker seems like a lot for the new version.
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