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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on the forum from the USA!
Thank you! Do you have a similar holiday in The Netherlands? Although it is generally regarded as a home-grown USA holiday, the decorations in the stores mostly go straight from Halloween to Christmas on November 1. The day-after-Thanksgiving "Black Friday" merchandising frenzy is a relatively recent addition (or subtraction, depending how you look at it). The practice of merchants requiring employees to work on Thanksgiving Day has met considerable resistance, which has induced some merchants to rescind the practice.
Originally Posted by AJensen89 View Post
I look forward to this day! This holiday is one of my favorite holidays!
Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.
Yes, it is indeed best to be thankful for what we have, rather than concentrating on what we do not have.

We have a new President-Elect.

I have my health.

Among things I do not have, and are good not to have, are debts or major illnesses.

Among the things I lament not having are, any more, my parents. My father went first, over 30 years ago now, but my mother passed away less than three years ago.

I still think about my mother. This being Thanksgiving, I think about the farm-raised turkey she got for Thanksgiving ten years ago, when my younger sister and her husband visited. Best turkey I've ever eaten. I'm thinking about the fresh turkeys we used to get at the grocery store, which were almost as good, because where I'm living now, the only ones on offer at the grocery stores are crapped up with "a solution of turkey broth, sugar, and salt." No thanks!

And so, time for another plan. I got a whole chicken, suitable for having with stuffing/dressing. My resourceful younger sister, who I was shopping with, saw frozen ducks. The only crap with them is orange sauce, which is in a separate packet.

And I now have a big enough grill.... Hmm, how to grill a whole duck... <Google Google> (Looks at web site names...) Wait a minute! The Barbecue Bible? D'oh! I've got the book! The Barbecue Bible by Steven Raichlen! My mom gave it to me years ago, in honor of my prowess with a Smoky Joe. A Smoky Joe's too small for most of the things in it, hadn't thought about it in ages... (Goes to shelf of cookbooks)

Yeah! Recipe, instructions for indirect grilling, including cooking time and when to add more charcoal. I can do this! Thanks, Mom...
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