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Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
Wait for what?

We haven't done nearly enough ECM to justify the time SNFS would take. You can wait for others to do the ECM, or you can contribute if you wish. I've done both, myself- I ran a couple CPU-years of ECM, and have waited since. I have a large-memory machine available now, so perhaps I'll restart a little large-bound ECM and contribute more than just posts.
There is no need to be abrasive.

I am running groups of these with Prime95 on the replacement machine using four workers. I have it set to not report these to PrimeNet. Reason: I am not running these in a conventional way. I took the last B1 on the table and doubled it, making 16e8. I will run it this way for a while, then increment it to 24e8, then 32e8, and so on, adding 8e8 as I go.

As for GMP-ECM, I do not know if I can keep it 'fed" with just four workers. If not, then I can run another instance of Prime95 on my primary machine, taking the total number of workers to eight. I would allow GMP-ECM to pick its own B2 by not specifying it.

Lastly, it is a foregone conclusion some of you will say that I am wasting my time. The response is: It is my time to waste, not yours, so do not bug me about it...
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