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Originally Posted by kladner View Post
Is Zwarte Piet in any way related to Krampus?
Hmmm, very interesting!
I hadn't heard of Krampus, but now that I've read about this figure I have to say no. Zwarte Piet is definitely human, and also a lot more friendly than Krampus seems to be, helping Sinterklaas when he turns up on a horse (from Spain, apparently), and giving pepernoten (which are small sweets a bit like gingerbread) to the children. The problem - and now I'm being controversial because most people here still don't see it as a problem at all - is that ZP is frequently played by a white person with a blacked-up face, exaggeratedly large lips, and large gold earrings, and he is seen as a servant to the inevitably white Sint.
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