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Originally Posted by henryzz View Post
In this kind of spreadsheet formula simplification of that form isn't necessary. I would prefer the accuracy myself.
Your right. I'd use the full equation in a spreadsheet situation.

I am working on probabilities for the 2k's.
I've been checking P1e6 weights and I got different values compared to column "n per 25000 at 1e12"/1.25 in the "Unproven Conjectures" table for these Bases:
R463, R696, R774, R588, R828, S140, S533
I've been using >srsieve -n 100001 -N 110000 -P 1e6 equation_file.txt
Where equation_file.txt has the equation with each k on a separate line.
All the other 83 2k's bases matched.
Maybe there's an error in the scripts?
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