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Originally Posted by kladner View Post
Yes. The Angel Moronic.
BTW: Are those legendary golden plates in the temple? Maybe in some museum?

EDIT: Oh, wait, here we go:
Smith eventually obtained testimonies from 11 men who said that they had seen the plates, known as the Book of Mormon witnesses.[6] After the translation was complete, Smith said that he returned the plates to the angel Moroni, so they could never be examined.**
Latter Day Saints believe the account of the golden plates as a matter of faith, and critics often assert that either Smith manufactured them himself[7]*** or that the Book of Mormon witnesses based their testimony on visions rather than physical experience.****
**Terribly convenient, that.
***If they ever existed at all.
****Or both of the above.
The Greek Chapel is the most roomy, the richest and the showiest chapel in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Its altar, like that of all the Greek churches, is a lofty screen that extends clear across the chapel, and is gorgeous with gilding and pictures. The numerous lamps that hang before it are of gold and silver, and cost great sums.

But the feature of the place is a short column that rises from the middle of the marble pavement of the chapel, and marks the exact centre of the earth. The most reliable traditions tell us that this was known to be the earth's centre, ages ago, and that when Christ was upon earth he set all doubts upon the subject at rest forever, by stating with his own lips that the tradition was correct. Remember, He said that that particular column stood upon the centre of the world. If the centre of the world changes, the column changes its position accordingly. This column has moved three different times of its own accord. This is because, in great convulsions of nature, at three different times, masses of the earth -- whole ranges of mountains, probably -- have flown off into space, thus lessening the diameter of the earth, and changing the exact locality of its centre by a point or two. This is a very curious and interesting circumstance, and is a withering rebuke to those philosophers who would make us believe that it is not possible for any portion of the earth to fly off into space.

To satisfy himself that this spot was really the centre of the earth, a sceptic once paid well for the privilege of ascending to the dome of the church to see if the sun gave him a shadow at noon. He came down perfectly convinced. The day was very cloudy and the sun threw no shadows at all; but the man was satisfied that if the sun had come out and made shadows it could not have made any for him. Proofs like these are not to be set aside by the idle tongues of cavilers. To such as are not bigoted, and are willing to be convinced, they carry a conviction that nothing can ever shake.
--Chapter LIII, The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain
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