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Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
Attached are primes for k=60-63G from 25k to ~50k. 60-61G is already complete to 54k; I left those in the primes-found file.

there is one oddity in the files: For 61-63G, 45-50k ran in a separate folder, and I had to grep the results file for those primes. That's why the end of that primes file switches from the usual format of LLR primes output to a full text line.

I'm continuing with the range to 100k since I already have sieve files for it; I'll pay a little more attention to the range to make sure I'm not holding back a milestone for R3 like I did this month to 50k.

I double checked your work. Here are the results:

Your files primes for n=25K-50K: 9030
primes removed for duplicate k's: 62
Unique k's with primes for n=25K-50K: 8968

In my testing I found 8969 unique k's with primes for the range.

After sorting both files by k/n and comparing them, I only found the one difference:
61667740072*3^25255-1 is prime

I triple checked it to make sure it is prime.

So there are 8969 primes for k=60G-63G n=25K-50K. 10088 k's remain for the range.

You can remove k=61667740072 from your sieve file.
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