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Originally Posted by science_man_88 View Post
tried to make an equivalent PARI/gp code:

my(task=vector(26));forstep (j=0, 2197,13,print(binary(j));Flag=0;Exp=0;while(Flag==0,Exp+=1;if(j/(2^Exp)!=j\(2^Exp),task[Exp]+=1;Flag=1)));for(k=1,26,print(task[k]","k))
once I got it all equivalent without changing case it basically only printed once before I lost patience.edit:of course only j that aren't divisible by powers of two will happen to be increased in task okay something still doesn't allow it to compute any being worked ot 1
Please consider the code case insensitive.
The uppercase is inevitably substituted by my swipes keyboard.
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