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Default Binary Multitasking

Most of my life I have been struggling with coming up with a scheduling system to be a balanced approach to concentrating on high priority tasks as well as providing time allocation to lower priority tasks. One of the best methods I have come up with is binary multitasking.
Essentially you go through a list of tasks as if they were binary digits, incrementing by 1.
This way one would spend about 1/2 the total time on the 1st task, 1/4 on 2nd and so on.
The problem with this method is that for lists longer than say 10 or so tasks virtually no time ends up being allocated to the tasks at the bottom.
* Is there a way to increment a binary register with a constant value greater than one such that all binary digits are set at least once?
If not, is there any formulaic simple parameter?
Thanks in advance.

ETA I assume any prime number greater than the number of the elements in the list would serve the purpose, but would such a solution end up being equivalent to incrementing 1 or would allocate more time to the items lower in the list?

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