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Originally Posted by tha
I have installed Fedora Core 2 and I am running version 23.5.2 on a Celeron 450 MHz with the amount of available RAM set to 96 Mb while there is a total of 128 Mb installed. The machine ran a LL test without problems and than started to do a P-1 test for the first time since it was installed. It did the first stage of the P-1 test without any troubles. When it started the second stage the disk activity ran up to 100% for 24 hours and has not given any text output to the screen, indicating it could run at least another week before completing stage two. There are no other applications running. Can this have anything to do with Linux 2.6 behaving different then 2.4?


Don't think so.

P-1 stage 2 requires all memory you defined. So you actually have 128-96= 32 MB of free RAM to run Fedora and all its services. As the amount of RAM is not sufficient to hold every program running in 32 MB, the OS uses virtual memory, swapping (saving) phisical memory onto the disk and reloading old parts. It is a I/O bound operation, that menas that the CPU will stay mostly idle during disk access.

I suppose that if you devote 64 MB of RAM to mprime, the disk activity will slow down immediately.


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