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Originally Posted by Christenson View Post
I understand the Louisa Food Lion had all the food hit the floor....but everything seems in place here; went out in Charlottesville tonight and things seemed normal. The guy bolting girders outside the building dropped his wrench off a bolt, my mom (in Cincinnati) fell for no apparent reason getting out of a canoe at the same moment as the earthquake.

There was an aftershock tonight, but it was not felt on the eastern side of Charlottesville.

As for Irene setting it off, SM88, we've had much worse hurricanes much closer to (like on top of) Louisa before, with no such results.

And if we want to soapbox it, the feeling was like armageddon....suddenly whatever we were doing wasn't very important anymore, and we were all paniced a bit afterwards.
We checked in with a nice lady on the community association in our neighborhood in/near Mineral; she mentioned the same news about the Food Lion and apparently CVS had similar problems. She took a quick trip to the house for us, took a walk around it, and said there was no obvious signs of damage from the outside.

Yes I was at the office and everyone else was very worried, but I was calm for some reason. I was in the upper floors of McBride Hall on Virginia Tech campus during a (much smaller) earthquake, and I do remember the smaller one that happened at like 5AM about a year or so ago (I think that one was north of DC). The one on VT campus was so small that I only noticed it because the water in the toilet was swaying. The one about a year ago was very loud but had almost no movement.

Anyway, this one, I recognized it for what it was and then just calmly observed. The earth was shaking rather vigorously, I remember seeing all the monitors and laptops (that people left open) swinging. Thankfully, no damage -- other than perhaps some peoples' ability to sleep soundly tonight.

USGS has reported multiple aftershocks, two were just an hour or two later and were less than 3 in magnitude, and one was around 8 or 9PM (local time, for anyone else reading this message) and it was a little stronger, but still nothing compared to the initial one. The aftershocks are (so far?) not affecting the surrounding areas; I have not felt a thing since the initial event.

For anyone wondering whether you are feeling an aftershock or if it is just your imagination: set a glass of water on a table. If the water is not shaking, you are imagining it.
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