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So do you think our lake house in Mineral (Lake Anna) is still there? We felt the quake in Annapolis pretty heavy, and from what I understand, it got felt from the Carolinas to Connecticut, and out west to Michigan!
I understand the Louisa Food Lion had all the food hit the floor....but everything seems in place here; went out in Charlottesville tonight and things seemed normal. The guy bolting girders outside the building dropped his wrench off a bolt, my mom (in Cincinnati) fell for no apparent reason getting out of a canoe at the same moment as the earthquake.

There was an aftershock tonight, but it was not felt on the eastern side of Charlottesville.

As for Irene setting it off, SM88, we've had much worse hurricanes much closer to (like on top of) Louisa before, with no such results.

And if we want to soapbox it, the feeling was like armageddon....suddenly whatever we were doing wasn't very important anymore, and we were all paniced a bit afterwards.
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