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Originally Posted by vaughan View Post
So I did approx 20,000 pairs to find no primes in this rally; need to run maybe another 10,000 pairs to try to stay on the average for port 3000.

I'm not giving up until I find one.
I with you there. Me too.

Using the new drives chart, I estimated there should be another 22-ish primes left in this range between now and 1M.

/edit - Make that 21 now that Ototero just got a lucky strike. So he's one up on us.. PS - The grape-vine said Ototero was going on a trip / may have already left, so he may not be able to report it immediately although he said he should be able to get online at some points in his travel. - edit/

I'm quite impressed that I got the asynchronous JSON queries to work on the new Drives chart. And the colours are not always the same depending on which drive query finishes first. It gives a nice effect while the chart is building.
I like it.
I believe we are watching Drive#7

PS - Kudos to kar_bon for the drives table on his web site. Most helpful.

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