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Originally Posted by only_human View Post
One problem is symbols; if I use either a vinculum (overscore) or an underscore to represent -1, the mark is close to vertically adjacent symbols.
I agree that negative digit representation is a problem. It could be that we need to invent an entirely new symbol -- something evocative of both "1' and "-", but not identical to any existing symbol (at least, outside of Wingdings :). Or maybe it could be a struck-through "1" = 1. (We'd depend on context to distinguish that from a "1" that had been struck-through to indicate deletion of that digit.)

Other people are welcome to post in this thread. In general I interpret silence as either kindness, a lack of interest, or that I haven't said much worthy of a reply.
In my case, I've been skipping this particular subforum ("Miscell ...") for a while. Now that I see your latest work, I'll need some time to contemplate it before saying anything useful.
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