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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
OK, I'll leave it up to Max, Carlos, and David to figure all this stuff out.

How do we go about getting the 'Raiders of the Lost Primes' team set up?

Well, I guess the main thing to do is to get it listed in the first post of this thread--pretty easy. Then David will need to add it to his teams database, and we have all the necessary bases covered for a team!

We could then go about setting up some extra goodies such as a team forum (we'd probably want to host that off-site, since mersenneforum doesn't have a clear section of subforums devoted to teams' internal forums). Another thing that teams often do is set up a stats aggregator site, but since our team so far is limited to NPLB alone, that would be somewhat pointless (and besides, other teams like Free-DC have already got really nice stats systems set up that do the job fine--why even try to compete? ).

Edit: I've added the Raiders of the Lost Primes team to the list in the first post of this thread, with Gary as the leader and me as a regular member. (Gary, I'm assuming you're fine with being the leader, if not just give a holler. ) I didn't add anyone else for now since I figured we should wait for "official" declarations from the rest of our "planning committee" of sorts that they'd like to join the team.

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