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Originally Posted by mdettweiler View Post
If Adam's server was any indication, then spaces should be no problem. Since David's server is based on Adam's previous setup, we've already got a partial user/team database set up--we'll just need to add a few users to various teams to get it updated to our current status.

As I said earlier, we already have a partial database set up on David's stats server since the whole master DB was copied from Adam's server; even though we don't have automated import of stats data set up yet, it should still work fine for storing our database (and thus all that stuff will just fall into place when the automated stats import comes online). We also have our list in this thread to base things off of.

Hmm...I'm not so sure that we should go and remove team names from existing usernames. I think we should just leave the team names there, and treat them as part of the usernames (as we sort of always have, except that we just won't be needing to parse out the data anymore). Otherwise, we have quite a large potential for mess once we get the stats imports flowing again. I'll use Carlos's username as an example here (hope you don't mind, Carlos ) since he's submitted a fair amount of results under his username with the team name included (Free-DC_em99010pepe). We remove the team names from the usernames on all results, hence his results would be listed under just "em99010pepe". But then what happens when his machines keep submitting results under "Free-DC_em9910pepe" (possibly because he's got lots of machines spread all over the place and he won't necessarily be able to get them all switched over at the same time)? Then we have TWO usernames showing up in the stats, and David will have one heck of a job to do when he has to keep re-merging double usernames for many of our users.

My suggestion is this: simply have whatever scripts David will use to import the stats data ignore the team names in the usernames from now on, and instead just look in the database to find out who's on what team. Then, if users wish to have their team names removed from their usernames (though some may prefer to leave it on there, as a sort of team affiliation badge), they can simply say so here in this thread (alternatively, they could email/PM David directly) and he could remove the team name from those particular usernames. (This will probably end up saving David work in the long run, since my guess is that this would probably have to be done manually anyway.)

Well, the only script that I have that needs to mess with this stuff is the script I used to convert results to CSV files for importing into Adam's stats server, and since that's going to be handled automatically by David anyway for importing into his server, my script is now deprecated except for possibly use as example code in developing the new stuff. (Of course, if we ever do need to use it again for anything, such as a server hosted by someone else who doesn't have their results put online automatically like David's do, then I should be able to easily fix it to work with a user/team database instead of parsing out the team names from the username.)


OK, I'll leave it up to Max, Carlos, and David to figure all this stuff out.

How do we go about getting the 'Raiders of the Lost Primes' team set up?

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