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Originally Posted by MrOzzy View Post
Thanks for your answers. I have a few more questions though:

2a) This program by R. Gerbicz (covering.exe) requires an exponent. What is the meaning of this exponent?
3a) How is PFGW related to that attached script?
3b) How do you know if you have sieved deep enough
4) How should you determine if you should use LLR or phort?

One of the reasons I ask this questions is to lower the step for people interested. Sooner or later a sticky topic with the needed info could be handy and interesting for potential sievers or prime hunters.
2a) I forgot. Experiment with the program so that you can find known values.
3a) pfgw.exe scr.txt -f100 on the command line
3a) winpfgw.exe and then enter scr.txt -f100 in windows
3b) when the removal rate per minute is lower then what you get with LLR
4) Use LLR.

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