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Originally Posted by MrOzzy View Post
I've been searching these forums for sevral days now, and as a result my head hurts and it is yelling "too much information". I just need to find the answer to some simple questions:

Say for example I want to start a some random base in Sierpinski or Riesel.

How do you:

1. Find out wether this base already has been tested and how far, who reserved it ect, ...
2. If nobody is working on it or has been working on it how do you find the conjecture with its covering set?
3. How do you start sieving files, which programs do you use ect ...
4. What should you use to test the remaining n? (or k). I did some small tests with newpgen to run the sieve and llr to test the remaining n and all I got was "ERROR!!" as a result of my effort :)
1) Check out
2a) Run a black box program that calculates it for you. In the Crus forum there is the program by R. Gerbicz. Or you can ask me for a copy of mine.
2b) Or sieve a range of your base in srsieve and then the one that is discarded may be a Riesel or Sierpinski
2c) Or figure out how to find them yourself (not easy)
3a) First do a run with PFGW to dispose of all the small primes (see attached script)
3b) Then sieve the remaining k with srsieve
4) when you have sieved deep enough, switch to LLR or phrot.

Enjoy, Willem.
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