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Originally Posted by axn1 View Post
You are unable to download the linux version from here? Then post here, and I'll repeat the procedure :)
Oh, I guess it worked this time. The link must have been fixed since I last checked. I should have checked again before saying that it was still down.
You can download PFGW from primeform yahoo group, but first you must join up (easy to do if you have a yahoo mail id). The you can download the Windows or linux version from the "Files" section there. The group
I don't have a Yahoo account, maybe it would be easier for someone to simply email me their copy (if it's not too much of a bother)?

Edit: I wonder why one of the higher ranked members of that group doesn't just use the free Geocities web space that comes with every Yahoo account (if they're part of the group, they obviously already have one) and post it there so that people don't have to join the group to get the program?

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