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Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
I noticed that the LLR version included in the archive is a little old--it's 3.7.0, whereas the newest version is 3.7.1c, available here for Windows and here for Linux. There weren't any major changes, at least for the types of numbers we're working with, between 3.7.1b and 3.7.1c, so if anyone's still using 3.7.1b, they don't have to upgrade (i.e. it's not like they'll get a speed bonus by doing so). However, I don't know if there were any differences in speed between 3.7.0 and 3.7.1b, so to play it safe I'd go with 3.7.1b or later.

I'm glad you included NewPGen in the archive, though, as for quite a while the download link on the Prime Pages web site has been broken. I got my copy from another forum member attached to a message.

Everything else in the archive seems up to date, though.

You might want to make a version of the archive for Linux, also. I'd be glad to put it together for you if you want (I've already got the latest versions of most of the programs listed in there downloaded). The only one I'd be missing would be NewPGen, for which the Linux download link is broken too. (The zip file appears to download OK, but then when you try to open it it turns out to be not a zip file--maybe it was an HTML error page saved as the zip file by accident.) If anyone has a Linux copy of NewPGen sitting around, please PM me and I'll give you my email address so you can send it to me.

Oops, my bad on LLR. I downloaded all new versions of everything and put them on most of my machines before posting but I thought I had the latest version of LLR already and didn't check for a new one. Thanks for catching that!

So if anyone reads this, use Anon's version of LLR instead of the one I included in the link at the top of this thread.

That would be great if you could put up link(s) to the Linux versions of the programs. I'm not familiar with Linux and so had completely forgotten there are two different versions of everything.


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