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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post

Max, I appreciate your enthusiasm but can you check with me first next time? This is way more than we need. First, there appears to be a very large error in your calculations. Second, to keep the drives relatively even, when this drives gets close to the 5th drive, I will likely split my cores between ports 400 and 5000 since Ian likes to be on port 4000. Third, I may pull off another quad to finish the k=1005-2000 sieving by Jan. 15th.

Calculations as of 1 AM EST on Dec. 29th assuming current processing rate:

Current remaining in port 5000: ~14,400 pairs
610K-620K: ~37,000 pairs
Total thru 620K: ~51,400 pairs

Current processing rate: ~3,700 pairs / day

Dry current pairs: 14,400/3,700 = ~4 days
Dry thru 620K: 51,400/3,700 = ~14 days

It's not a big deal. We'll dry it eventually. It's just nice to give out manual reservations a little closer to where the servers are testing.

Whoops. I was *so* sure of my calculations--I had gotten the 2 days and 5 days figures by looking at the results file for today, and seeing that the server had processed about n=2K from the time the results were copied off yesterday, to the time when I looked at the file (not long before the results were to be copied off for today). Thus, I assumed IB5000 was progressing at a rate of ~2K per day, and thus, with the leading edge being at ~606K, it would be about 2 days before it would reach 610K.

And, of course, assuming that the rate of n=2K per day remained roughly constant, then n=10K would take about 5 days to complete. Of course, you're right, I shouldn't have been quite so impulsive with sending such a big file for the server, and should have first considered the distinct possibility that the processing rate would drop somewhat since, as you said, you'll probably be shifting some of your IB5000 cores to other work once the server reaches 610K.

Oh well--as you said, it will dry eventually.

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