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Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
Yes, I agree--we should post primes files here as well as lresults files. Since there's a limit of one attachment per post, just pop them into a zip file and you'll be all set.

As for sorting by k primary and n secondary, unfortunately srfile can only sort by n and not by k, so thus the files are sorted by n. However, as you were saying, as long as we just post the primes files too at the end of the range, we'll be fine.
Srfile can write out by k using the -g switch. This is ideal for what we want. You then just do the copy command to copy 3 files at a time into a 3k file for LLRing. There's two extra instances of the header in the file but LLR doesn't care.

Obviously you're sorting by k in some manner. However you got it down to 3k files is the way to get it down to 1k files and then combine them with a copy command into one file.

Excel can also be used for sorting small files like this but would take quite a bit longer with 167 or so total 3k files.

This is just for future reference. No need to mess with it now since people will post files of primes at the end of a range. It's how I divided k=300-1001 for n=50K-100K up into 50k chunks for splitting amongst 7 machines.

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