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Oh, boy.. Sheep is here to save the day!
Since your farm is back up earlier than expected, it's prudent to start at 60T instead of 75T. Gary and I will achieve 60T roughly 1 Nov. With 60 cores, you'll reach 1T/hr throughput, finishing 60-120T in roughly 3 days. Yeesh.

My Athlon needs something to do, so once you reach 100 or 120T, it's better to return to sr2 and the big sieve. I'll fill in the gap this fall to 150T while you reach unprecedented (for RPS) depths for n>1.2M.

edit: Sheep, I'd just give each core 1T to do. When it's done, move it on to something else. Alternately, just use 12 cores with wider ranges- sr1 just doesn't lend itself as well to a wide rollout like you have. 4T each on 12 cores is ~50T and 12-14 days.

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